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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Choosing to obey

So now we know that submission is a choice. We aren’t forced to submit but the Bible says we should. When we choose to submit, we are choosing to obey.

It’s easy to think that the Scripture does not apply in our own circumstances. Surely it can’t mean that we are supposed to submit to men that don’t look for God’s will or are not in line with what we understand God’s will to be.

Read 1 Peter 1:1-5. When we read this, we realize that this passage was written especially for us when our husbands are not Christians or fail to make decisions in line with God’s direction. After all, it does say that we can win over our husband without words. If a man already has a strong walk with God, he doesn’t need much “winning over.”

Do you truly understand that verse? If so, you need to prepare to make some changes in your own life.

To understand what the Bible means by, “In the same way,” we have to start at the beginning of the verse.

Re-read verses 1 and 2. Did you notice that this Scripture was written for those who have accepted Christ as Saviour and Lord?

Note that first we were “chosen”. From the beginning, the God who had all knowledge of the situations we would face in our marriages today chose you and me!

What were we chosen for?

Obedience. Since we are chosen, we are faced with an immediate choice. Will we choose to be obedient or disobedient to God’s Word and will? Are you willing to obey what God shows you? That is what really matters. It’s not a question of whether or not our husbands are capable or worthy of leadership or whether or not we think we could do a better job. Those things are for God to decide.

If we are unwilling to submit to God here, at the foundation of this call, who are we to even dare judge our husbands for their failures in the leadership areas God has called them to? By choosing not to submit to our husbands in the ways God ordained, we then choose to rebel against God’s design for us.

The next thing we were chosen for is “sprinkling by his blood”. The blood of Jesus gives us the power to overcome and rescue ourselves from the wrong choices we have made. God knew we would fail in obedience at times. He chose us for forgiveness and for redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Submission is a difficult choice God has called us to make. Commitment is never easy. We have to work hard to get the things we want. School is not easy. Getting a degree is not easy. Sometimes, following God is not easy. Child birth is not easy. Marriage is not easy. Do you know what all of these difficulties have in common? The end result is worth it. Finishing school was worth it. Getting a degree to further a career was worth it. Following God is worth it. That sweet little newborn was worth the pain of child birth. Our marriages and our husbands are worth it.

Submission brings the richness of God’s protection and a blessing that will free you in a way that nothing else can. It keeps you from feeling obligated to say yes everytime someone asks you to do something. You can tell them not only do you need to pray about it but you need to talk it over with your husband. Look at Biblical submission and how those in authority are supposed to love and care for those in submission. It is a wonderfully protected and cherished position.


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