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Sunday, March 20, 2005


I have a question for you today (I know that is not a surprise). Who should come first God or your husband? I’ll give you a little hint: God…but what does He tell you to do?

God is number 1A. Your husband is number 1B. Most husbands can be very jealous of someone or something that they feel is moving in on their space. That includes God. Your husband should be *first* in your life. Have a servant’s attitude towards him just like the one Christ modeled for us when He washed the feet of His disciples. Our society will lead you to believe that your children should come first and DH better just learn to take a back seat. However, keeping your husband as number 1 in your household, you teach your kids respect for authority. You are showing them that serving is a POSITIVE trait and you are demonstrating love and caring for a marriage relationship. They will know how to behave when they marry.

Expect your marriage to be a good one!! Whether or not your DH follows Christ has little impact on the mechanics of a good marriage. Of course, the foundation is God (at least for us).

Add some respect and consideration and you will see a successful marriage. Keep love in your heart and your actions and you will see a happy marriage. The only bond an unequally yoked wife will miss out on is a spiritual bond. I am not putting this down at all, okay? For us believers it IS a big deal. But don’t let it make your marriage miserable. You CAN be content in your marriage and have every good benefit of that union while showing your husband Christ’s love.

So, should you turn to your husband for advice in spiritual matters? Not unless he is a Christian. The plain and simple truth: he is an unspiritual man. He does not read the Bible which means he probably does not believe it’s truth. He is not guided by the Holy Spirit. Even if he picks up a Bible once in a while, your husband’s advice would be, well, incomplete at best. It could be misguided or misleading at it’s worst. Talk with your pastor or another Sister or read a reputable BIBLE based book for advice in spiritual matters.

Should you turn to him for advice in unspiritual matters? Yep! Buying a new car, a new house, changing jobs or what sports your kids might or might not play, who should do which chores around your home, where you want to go on vacation ect. Essentially, I am saying to consult him on decisions that are part of everyday life. Especially in BIG decisions, like something financial. Go to God in prayer too! Rely on and include your DH’s advice in these kinds of decision. They affect him to after all. He might not have a great time at a doll museum but you could both have an equally good time elsewhere. Those decisions are part of what makes a marriage.


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